Tuesday, May 19, 2009

With Jesus and . . .

I was thinking about Steph today and remembered a funny and touching moment between her and Tate.  Tate must have been about 4 years old (because he was talking, and he didn't say much before he was 3).  He was sitting on Steph's lap and looking at her locket with the photo of Briana (the one she always wore around her neck).  Steph was talking about Briana and asked Tate if he knew where she lived now.  Tate said, "Yes!  She lives in heaven with Jesus."  And after a brief moment of more thought, he added, "And the Nephites!"  Steph laughed and laughed and laughed--so hard she was crying!

My dear sister, here is wishing you and Briana (and the Nephites) a happy, lovely, fun-filled day in heaven!