Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today is for you

Hey mom!! I'm just sitting here at work and thinking about our little barbeque that we'll be having in honor of you tonight. Most of the family is coming and we're having hamburgers, grandma's baked beans, and Becky's potato salad. I must admit that it wouldn't be a Tate function without those things and I love it! I looked up your name on google last night, since work was a bit slow, and I found out that you recieved the Golden Apple award from Alpine School District! I'm not sure when you did because we never talked about it, but I'm not surprised because you were always content to just do your best and not care if anyone noticed.:) I so admire you for that trait! I'm really trying to develop it for myself. You always did things because you knew it was right and you wanted to, never because someone else was watching. I'm sure that is why you were such a great teacher! You made every day your best day of teaching, even though I am almost positive you still had some more difficult days:).

Yesterday I had peaches and cottage cheese for a snack on my break. I can't help but think of you because you were the one who introduced it to me. Adam always asks me how I can eat that stuff... and I always remind him that you I tried it because of you! I also eat pears and grated cheese, and frozen burritos... some other "mom classics". I'm so thrilled to be able to go to Brooke's house and have a night about you! We don't get to talk about you with dad so much anymore, so it's nice to be able to have an night to blab on about all of memories. We were in Park City last weekend up at the time share and I got to share some memories with Adam...:) I remember getting you all spruced up in our room, putting your make-up and wig on and heading down for the BIG family picture. The best part of the entire picture experience was when little Parker reached out and pulled your wig off!! I will never forget that or the way you laughed when it happened! I think that was also Parkers first time "driving" Dad's beamer. We're going to see some of Kathy's kids tonight and I pray that Brooke and I can be a support to them througout this whole experience. They seem to be doing alright, considering everything. Melanoma is such a sneaky little varmint, but we're doing our best to keep it at bay. If Kathy ends up coming over there you make sure and give her a hug... we'll do our part down here but hopefully her kids will have her longer. Mom, I love you and miss you everyday. Thanks for helping become all I could be while you were here.

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UT Halls said...

I want you to know how much I love reading your posts. I wanted so much to try to make the dinner for your mom the other night but was unable to attend. I hope it was wonderful. You and your sister have been such inspirations to me and my family. We are right in the middle of this battle. I hate that so many families are effected by this deadly disease. It is hard to feel peace and comfort. I love to read what you and your sister and aunts have to say, it reminds me that life will go on and somehow we all get through horrible trials. I think about you all so much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love to you all - Dawn (Dorius) Hall (Kathy's daughter)