Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Almost two years

It will have been two years since you passed away, next week. Here is a poem I wrote tonight in my ESL Methods class. Hope you like it.

My Mom's Hands

They held me when I wanted to cry
and scolded me when I tried to lie.
They lightly tickled my ears at night
and helped me count my years just right.
I miss them running through my hair
or waving goodbye to me in the air.
Their shape was perfect in every way
and were always there when it was time to pray.
They shaped my life through service and love
and continue to do so from up above.
Now when I look at my hands I see
the person my mother always wanted me to be.


Janet Stevens said...

That poem is simply beautiful, Jamie. Steph has been in my thoughts often this past month. I miss her!

Brooke said...

I know mom is proud of you. I know I sure am! I miss mom's beautiful hands too. She accomplished so much good with them. I still (and think I always will) have a perfect memory of them.

Lauren said...

That is beautiful Jamie. You are beautiful and I know your mom is so proud of you and Brooke! I wish that this next month didn't have to be so hard for you guys. Call me if you need (or want) to talk or go and do something.