Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Song For My Mother

"I Often Go Walking"

I often go walking in meadows of clover,
And I gather armfuls of blossoms of blue.
I gather the blossoms the whole meadow over;
Dear mother, all flowers remind me of you.

O mother, I give you my love with each flower
To give forth sweet fragrance a whole lifetime through;
For if I love blossoms and meadows and walking,
I learn how to love them, dear mother, from you.

Words: Phyllis Luch, 1937–1995.
Music: Jeanne P. Lawler, b. 1924.

We sang this today in primary and I thought of her.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Do you still cry when the primary sings this?? I get such anxiety with Mother's day music. Does it get easier???

I love reading this blog. I love learning the little things about you, your sister, and about your mom.

Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you enjoy the day!