Monday, July 23, 2012

Orphaned on the Holidays

I continue to realize more and more how much you did to make things happen, especially on the holidays.  We grew up always having people to celebrate with... even on the little holidays.  Now, the little holidays seem to come and go, like the 24th tomorrow, and I'm left to plan something for myself.  I miss having you there to plan it and I kind of feel like an orphan.  Its hard to explain and for others to understand, but mom's really do get everyone together for the special occasions.  When you're mom is gone, so is a little part of that secure feeling that you're always invited somewhere.  Miss you and love you!  Thanks for always giving us a place to go to.

Love, Jamie

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Linnea Sirman said...

Wow! I can't imagine how you feel around the Holidays now! I am sorry for your loss. I was one of your mom's students in 1991, I believe. She made a great impact on me and I loved her class. It's where I learned about my ABC's :)I am now 26 years old and to this day still think of her. I am currently in College and planning on opening my own gym soon. I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks to your mother I have a future! Rest in peace Mrs. Densley! She is definitely in a better place and I will be happy to thank her one day when we meet again! Take care Jamie!
Linnea Sirman (Melbourne, FL)