Thursday, August 28, 2008

The way things used to be

These last few days we went through all the stuff that my mom and dad had accumulated over their 26 years together. There was a lot of it. I couldn't believe some of the things that my mom had kept. Lots of our school work, awards, cards, those grade school mother's day gifts we gave her, and so many pictures. Some that I had never seen before. I came across a family picture we took at my high school graduation. There we were, all of us together the way we used to be, and I missed that home and that family so much. That sense of comfort and belonging that is "home". It's hard to realize that I don't have that anymore. I have my own family now but the child in me still sometimes longs to go home. I miss my family, plain and simple. Not just my mother and my sister, but the family that we were together. There were five and now there are three. The one constant thing in life is change I guess. Somedays I just have a hard time keeping up.

I came across some great pictures of my mom. I'll try to post some of them. I found one of she and I swimming when I was little. She is so beautiful! I couldn't get over it! My mom the beauty queen.(: Those bright, laughing, beautiful eyes that I miss so dearly. I also found a picture of my mom diving in Hawaii. I was always so proud of her for doing that. She was clausterphobic so it was not easy for her to learn to dive, but she did and she ended up really enjoying it. She never let anything stop her from doing what she wanted to do. I loved that about her.


Jamie Densley Fieber said...

Having a good cry at the moment... I miss our little family as well. So all I can say is "DIDO".

The Brannon Family said...


I cannot imagine how much your life has changed over the past several years. First, losing Briana, and then your mom. I too wish you still had your entire family with you. I miss your mom so much. Every time I get to call the family and tell them news about my baby, I miss not being able to call my sister Steph. I know she would be so excited. But then I also think she is probably up there right now telling my little girl all about our family and all the fun she is in for!

You are so loved! Please know that! I know it doesn’t always help or take away the pain of missing your mom, but know that we love you all so much!

Dawn said...

Our family thinks about yours all the time. I wonder if it will ever feel "right".

We pray for peace for all of us who are trying to enjoy life without our mothers.

Hang in there.